Our Products

  • Lucky Money Chair

    Lucky Money Chair

    The product we are the most proud of, the Lucky Money Chair is an excellent mean to bring traffic to your business in Second Life(tm).

  • Lucky Money Chair Jackpot

    Lucky Money Chair Jackpot

    The Lucky Money Jackpot chair is the LMC's with a twist. There is a mystery letter, participant each take their turn to win, the jackpot increase for each time someone didn't win.

  • Cryptoticker Top 10

    Cryptoticker Top 10

    The Cryptoticker Top 10 allow you to keep track of top rated cryptocurrency of the hour! Stay up to date.

  • Cryptotracker Top 10

    Cryptotracker Top 10

    The CryptoTracker Top 10 display the current rate and status for the top 10 rated cryptocurrency today.

  • Cryptotracker Top 10

    Cryptotracker Top 5

    The CryptoTracker Top 5 display the current rate and status for the top 5 rated cryptocurrency today.

  • Club Tip Jar

    Club Tip Jar

    The club tip jar is an excellent tool for clubs, special events and DJs who want to receive tips. High visibility, low lag and customizable this tip jar is easy to use and is fun to use.

  • GlowStick


    Get seen in the dark! These glowsticks are litterally glowing in the dark, multiple colors available.